Lega People Button Hats ASSORTED: Cone

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Enhance your collection of African artifacts with these Lega People Button Hats ASSORTED: Cone. The Lega people of the Democratic Republic of Congo use these hats to indicate status amongst an elite group called the Bwami. The Bwami are a secret society of elders who govern the ways of the Lega. Their members must have strong personal character and great achievement. This particular style comes in a conical shape. The hat is made with plant fibers, which are then covered with an exterior of multicolored buttons. Sometimes cowrie shells are incorporated into the design, as cowries represent wealth and wisdom, and were the original adornment on these hats. As European influence spread, cowries were replaced with buttons. A chin strap hangs underneath the hat, also adorned with buttons. If you love African artwork and collection pieces, this hat will make an excellent addition to your collection. Made in Congo. A-M180