As God Decreed - Invitation Card 25

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Exquisite and Wonderful is what this scroll is all about. This scroll comes in a beautiful arc shaped box with floral pattern printed in foil printing in hard cardboard paper. The mailing envelope is also in box pattern. The scroll has golden ends with golden tassel to tie it. A royal invitation for once in a lifetime occasion.

Paper:Cardboard box with outer finish in Foil printed Red handmade paper with cream lining; Scroll in red silk handmade paper and mailing box in red card stock paper.


Regular:   6 to  10  Rush: 1 to 3

WEIGHT: 300 (in Grams)

SIZE: Scroll: 11×8.5, Box: 11.25×4.25×1.25+ Mailing Box Envelope (in Inches)

Send invitation wording in email after you place the order.