Set Of 10 Hand Creams

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Set of 10 Nubian Heritage Hand Creams
Try all the best in hand care with these certified organic hand creams. All the creams are made from natural ingredients, many of which are from Africa. It's the fastest, most effective way to enjoy soft, supple skin. 4 oz. each. M-730

This set includes:
Raw Shea Butter Hand Cream
Honey and Black Seed Hand Cream
Mango Butter Hand Cream
Lavender and Wild Flowers Hand Cream
Coconut and Papaya Hand Cream
Lemongrass and Tea Tree Hand Cream
Olive Butter Hand Cream
Oats and Aloe Hand Cream
Goats Milk and Chai Hand Cream
Indian Hemp and Hatian Vetiver Hand Cream

Shelf life: 18 months