Ukuva iAfrica Cape Malay Curry Sauce

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Through Ukuva iAfrica (sense of Africa in ixi-Xhosa), World Fair Trade Organization member Turqle Trading takes us on a journey through many of Africa's varied flavors and cuisines. Carefully assembled small batches are presented in beautifully adorned bottles that tell how each sauce was inspired.

The area of Cape Town known as Bo-Kaap has a distinctive culture, owing in part to the influence of enslaved Malaysian people brought to the area in the 18th century. Cape Malay Curry's iconic spice signature makes it a delicious table sauce for grilled or oven-roasted chicken and lamb, squash, sweet potatoes and egg dishes with rice like biryani.

Sold singly or in a case of six.

Dimensions: 8.12 fl oz (240 ml)

Made in: South Africa